Jack Therion Superstore

cadudeus journal Caduceus
Various items with a caduceus on them
The caduceus, an acient symbol of communication, wisdom, power and healing is an ideal symbol for you.
Bathory Crest Bathory Crest
Various items with a Bathory Crest on them
Countess Erzsebet Bathory, AKA The Blood Countess, was probably the most prolific female serial killers of all time.

tree of life poster Tree of Life
The Tree of Life
A Tree of Life image with tarot correspondences listed on the sephiroth and paths.
The Jockey Club The Jockey Club
Various items with the Jockey Club sign on them
The notorious Newport, KY punk club from the 80s

sexy witch poster Witches Brew
Haloween Witch Poster, and notecards
A sexy Halloween wich stirs a mysterious brew in her caldron. A great item for Halloween parties.
You Gotta Ride You Gotta Ride
Shirts with the famous quote on them
The famous directive from The Doktor of Space

eye of god poster Eye of God
A small print of the eye of god set in a Kabbalistic theme.
Protect your temple and it's contents with the all seeing Eye of God.
Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock Union Terminal Clock
Various items with the Cincinnati Union Terminal Clock on them
The clock on the front of Cincinnati's Union Terminal, AKA The Hall of Justice.

astrological aspects of the tarot poster Astrological aspects of the Tarot
Chart with elemental and astrological correspondences.
Easily keep track of the astrological aspects of the tarot with this handy chart at your fingertips.
Cincinnati Union Terminal Cincinnati Union Terminal
Various items with the Cincinnati Union Terminal Queen on them
The Union Terminal in The Queen City

simbi veve Simbi Veve
The veve of the Voodoo LoaSimbi
Various items adorned with the veve of the Voodoo Loa, Simbi.
Cincinnati Ault Park Scarab Ault Park
Various items with the outline of the Ault Park scarab on them
Cincinnati's beautiful Ault Park designed as a scarab.

Egyptian winged disk Winged Disk
Various pieces of clothing emblazoned with the ancient Egyptian symbol of a winged disk
The ancient Egyptian winged disk symbolizes the rising of the spirit.
Cincinnati Music Hall window Cincinnati Music Hall
Various items with The Cincinnati Music Hall Window on them
The beautiful & historic Cincinnati Music Hall front window.

seal of saturn Sigil of Saturn
Various items bearing the Seal of Saturn
Seal of Saturn as derived from the magick squares by Agrippe.
kabbalistic hexagram To Serve Man
Various items adorned with the cookbook title, "To Serve Man"
Notebooks, Barbecue aprons and more

Seal of Mercury Seal of Mercury
Various items emblazoned with the Seal of Mercury
This alchemical symbol works as a talisman to enhance the mental faculties.
kabbalistic hexagram Kabbalistic Hexagram
Various items adorned with the Kabbalistic Hexagram
A Kabbalistic Hexagram representing the center of the Tree of Life.

Seal of Mercury Future Corpse
Various items emblazoned with Future Corpse
Declare your ambitions with these cool shirts & stuff